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9am (Worship in the Chapel)
11am (Worship in the Sanctuary)

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Wednesday Nights

Fellowship Meal: 5-5:45pm
Journeys Program for Adults: 6-6:45pm
Music & Missions for Children: 6-6:45pm
The Gathering for Youth: 6-6:45pm
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Smoke Rise Baptist Church
5901 Hugh Howell Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
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Parent FAQ/Manual


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Please download and read the parent handbook for additional information.
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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive concerning our camps.

General Information

Camp Hours

Payment of fees, changes and Cancellations

Other camp details


Purpose and Expectations

Spirit Camp at Smoke Rise is offered to children who have completed grades K-6. We provide an atmosphere of fun and fellowship focused on academic, personal and spiritual growth.

Our teen group is for ages 13 – 16 and has its focus is on building character, group bonds and a sense of Christian community.

Counselors share Christian values with the campers through relationship and example. stay involved, teach problem solving and create solutions throughout your child's day at camp. Creativity, education and respect for others are benchmarks for camp at all ages.

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Is this a Christian camp?

Yes! We focus on solid nondenominational Biblical principles in all that we do. Chapel is held every morning and class lessons come from the Group’s Publishers “Faith Weaver” curriculum with an emphasis on Old Testament lessons.

Our teens have a daily Bible study that focuses on building character and putting their community activities into a Christian perspective.

We cannot guarantee every 8 year old will exercise Christian love. As needed, we address behavior on Christian principles.

As such no alcohol, tobacco, drug or intoxication of any sort, by any camper or staff will be tolerated. Camp is a non-smoking facility. Likewise aggressive behavior both verbal and physical will be dealt with as described in the discipline section to follow.

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What academics do you include?

We utilize materials from Princeton University for CRCT and SAT test taking skills and content area strengths along with Summer Bridge activities. We will work each morning with students 8:30- 9:15 as they arrive. When you enroll the book is yours and available for pick up at the church office. We encourage you to work with your child each day and we encourage you to continue the studies during your weeks away from camp.

Our 13 - 16 teens begin each day with creative challenges, logic and problem solving, science and journaling. They also share in SAT preparation and general content education. The teens are allowed to bring books or topics for a daily session of directed peer tutoring where questions and difficulties can be addressed or skills improved.

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How early can I bring my children and do they get breakfast?

Early drop off begins at 7:00am. There is an added charge for arrival before 8:30am. A breakfast of cereals, pastries, milk or juice is provided for those arriving early and is included in the price for morning care. No prearrangement is necessary for you to use this convenience.

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What are the regular camp hours?

8:00am-5:30pm with extended care available for an additional charge from 7:00 - 8:00 or 5:30 -6:30.

Regular Camp activities begin at 8:30am. Camp activities generally end by 4:15pm but there may be field trips, which extend this time. Children will be available for pick up following afternoon chapel shortly after 4:15pm. Please do not ask to interrupt chapel except for an emergency.

From the end of activities to 5:30pm is a period of elective free play activities. Children may stay to 5:30pm with no additional charge.

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Where is drop-off and pickup?

All parents, regardless of arrival time, should drop children at the Camp entrance located to the far right side of the church marked by a large awning. Children will be available for pick up at the same door shortly after 4:15. No one will be accepted for arrival through the chapel entrance. No one will be released directly from the bus.

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Is Sign-In required?

SIGN IN and SIGN OUT are required. Please do not simply drop off your children at the door. Help us avoid confusion, communicate better, and keep your child safe by honoring this process.

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What if I arrive after 9:00am?

Summer camp is NOT a staffed day care center. We do not always stay at camp. If you arrive after 9:00am we may be gone; especially Wednesday’s. If your schedule requires that you arrive after 9:00am please call ahead and make arrangements. If you arrive late do NOT drop your child and drive off. There may be no one there to receive them!

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How late can my children stay?

Camp closes at 6:30pm. No prearrangement is necessary for you to use this convenience but after 5:30pm there is an added charge. Please see extended care fees. Added penalties apply after 6:30pm.

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Payment of fees, changes and Cancellations

Billing and payment policy

  • You are free to make payments on-line at any time by credit card or e-check. At a minimum payment must be made 7 days prior to attendance.
  • In order to be enrolled you must present some sort of electronic method that guarantees your account; credit card, debit or electronic check. Your enrollment agreement authorizes Smoke Rise summer camp to auto-bill any checking or credit card you have provided for any balance which is in arrears.
  • A deposit is required for each week of enrollment. This deposit is refundable with a 7 day notice of cancellation. The deposit is forfeited if there is not a 7 day notice or for any week of nonattendance. Weeks may be moved without penalty with 7 days notice to another week if space is available to do so.
  • Enrollment is due 7 days in advance. Late enrollment is possible if space is available however there is a fee for late enrollment and a fee for any cancellation. Pre-enrolment of one week does not assure a discount or availability for additional weeks.
  • Morning and evening extended care can be pre-enrolled or enrolled on first use.

Enrollment fees and discounts:

The enrollment fee is per camper for each of the first 2 children in the family and includes 2 camp T-shirts and any academic materials. This fee also pays for camp insurance, shirts and pre-purchased expenses. The camp session fee includes all craft and field trip cost including lunch and snacks every day. The 2nd child has a 10% discount on all fees and for the 3d child the enrollment fee is suspended in addition to the 10% weekly discount.

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When are the fees due?

Camp Fees are due 7 days in advance of attendance.Typically this means fees are due the Monday prior to the coming Monday's attendance. Fees are considered overdue after the opening day of each camp week.

The required weekly deposit will be forfeited without a 7 day notice of cancellation.

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How is extended care billed?

Extended care may be requested as you enroll or paid for as used. Fees will apply if extended care is used for any one day during the week. The fee is weekly and will be charged equally for any one day or for all five days.

Each "unit" is $20 per week.

If enrolled for both morning and afternoon fees are reduced to a joint $20.
Mornings- 7:00 to 8:30 $20
Evenings- 5:30 to 6:30 $20
After 6:30 $10 per 15 minutes per event

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Can I cancel a week?

Cancellations must be submitted in writing 7 days prior to scheduled attendance and if the week is not transferred to another week there is a $25 cancellation fee regardless of the reason. If not properly canceled with the required written 7 days notice (email is best), you will forfeit the weekly deposit.

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What if we just do not come one week?

Because we reserve space and that often results in turning someone away Nonattendance with no notice of cancellation will be billed the full cost of the week.

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What if my payment is late?

Fees are due no later than the Monday morning of each week's attendance. In the event that fees are not current enrollment will be suspended and our waiting list will be notified of the available space. The deposit for the week will be forfeited if enrollment is suspended due to late payment.

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Account statements

There really is not a bill per say. You receive a confirmation statement whenever you enroll and with each change in enrollment. There is an account statement. You have access to this at anytime online. In addition you will receive an email of your statement weekly.

Advance payment is assumed. You are free to pay in any manner you wish with the understanding that fees are at least due 5 days prior to attendance and all fees for the summer are due by June 26th.

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Other camp details

Notification of accident or illness

Any minor accident is treated at camp and you will find a note attached to the sign out sheet alerting you to the event. If you wish further information please ask. Camp staff keeps an accident log and anyone should be able to assist you. Any incident that involves medication or treatment beyond a band aide or for illness that may require your child to be picked up we will call you by phone.

There are two ways you are alerted should there be a genuine camp emergency that requires evacuation. You are alerted by email as well as by phone.


When do I get my 6-Flags White-Water Season Pass?

Enrolling for three (3) or more weeks prior to 6/1 is required. As soon as you enroll we will offer you the pass. The earlier you enroll the sooner you get the pass. We do take a free spring break trip to six flags for everyone enrolled up to that date.

It is required that you present the season pass for each of our 6 flags and white water trips. To avoid loss we keep them at camp. However, you may have them at anytime by checking them out at camp. At the end of camp you have 2 weeks following camp to request your pass.

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What's for lunch?

Campers are provided a lunch. They select from a daily variety of hot and cold choices, chips, fruits, cookies or juice. Outings occasionally require that we shift the time a bit or limit the choices provided. If your child requires a special diet we can usually accommodate that.

We will honor any reasonable request for vegetarian or special diet lunches. If it is a complex or unusual diet, bringing a lunch may be preferred.

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What should I wear?

Please label anything that you want to see again, especially towels and lunch boxes. Camp is an active place. Children should wear comfortable clothes and shoes that stay on their feet. Camp T-shirts are provided and may be worn daily but must be worn on our field trip. A backpack is allowed.

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Can I talk to the teachers or visit class?

Teachers are always available to you. You can leave a note for the teachers on the sign-in sheets, or any of our senior staff will be happy to assist. You are welcome to attend any event along with us or to visit camp at any time. Many parents arrange for parties or birthdays.

Attending field trips must be arranged in advance. It is camp policy that campers are to stay with staff. While parents may visit if parents take charge of children they are considered checked out and no longer under the care of our camp. Transportation, meals and tickets are always the parent’s responsibility.


Do you have a newsletter?

You can pick up a brief newsletter at camp each Friday prior to the coming week. Newsletter, scheduling and event information will also be available on the web site in an expanded form that includes event details and a parent Bible study so you can join in on our weekly lessons.

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When do you take field trips?

Field trips are typically scheduled every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday and Thursday are usually half day-afternoon outings leaving at 12:30. Wednesday is usually our full day out leaving at 9:30.

Swimming also occurs every week.

Grades K-6 swim on Tuesday and do field trips on Thursday

Grades 4-6 swim on Thursday and do field trips on Tuesday

Teens swim on Friday and are in community service activities on Tues. and Thus.

Everyone participates in the Wednesday field trips.

Camp shirts are to be worn on field trips.

Events may vary due to scheduling requirements and the influence of weather.

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Should my child bring money to camp?

Campers never need money for any of our field trips, but they are allowed to bring money to camp. We strongly discourage large amounts and suggest only $2 or $3. We provide snacks at camp free, but we do have a candy store at camp as an alternative or special treat. While we are on field trips we occasionally encounter gift shops. You should watch the schedule and endow your child accordingly. Large amounts of money have created problems in the past. Campers of all ages must care for their own money.

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Do you go swimming?

Swimming occurs every week. Each age group goes on a different day and we utilize community pools in the area for swimming. Life guards are on site and to ensure safety, all counselors are required to be in the pool or available at all times. Since we go in small groups - typically no more than 30 - non-swimmers are well attended to and although we don't specifically provide swim lessons our staff usually do teach the kids swimming skills.

Please send a towel and label everything. We are sunscreen freaks. Please send some. Floats and other water toys are okay but cut off jeans are not allowed.

Grades K-6 swim on Tuesday and do field trips on Thursday

Grades 4-6 swim on Thursday and do field trips on Tuesday

Teens swim on Friday and are in community service activities on Tues. and Thus.

Everyone participates in the Wednesday field trips.

During swim days the campers always have the option of not swimming.

Skating or putt-putt are offered as options instead of swimming. Campers can bring their own skates if they wish. The option is never for both events. If campers elect skating or putt-putt that activity precludes swimming.

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What do I do with medication?

Oral medication cannot be distributed without written permission from the parent. All medication must be clearly marked and given to the director with written instructions. Classroom teachers will be responsible for distribution.

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Does my child have to participate?

Again – this is not child care it is camp. A place we hope children will grow in emotional, social and spiritual skills. Children will be encouraged to participate in all activities. Typically there will be a variety or choice of activities. However, when a group activity occurs with no alternative activity campers are strongly encouraged, but not required, to participate. If a camper chooses not to participate s/he will not be allowed to choose an alternative, individual activity. They will simply sit out. As part of an effort to encourage participation, from time to time teachers may reward those who do participate.

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How do we discipline?

Summer camp is intended to be an example of Christian principles in action. Our philosophy for discipline is based on mutual respect, patience, cooperation, and encouragement. Disruptive students can harm the fun and learning of all and may receive time out or be removed from an activity if behaviors prevent the activity from proceeding smoothly.

Students who become aggressive or act in such a way as to present a possible harm to others will be separated from the group and the parents will be contacted. Continued and repetitive aggression or inappropriate behaviors may result in your child being removed from camp with no refund.

Please see the parent handbook for more detail.

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Should my child bring pets, games and toys?

Family pets are not allowed at camp but, we understand how tempting it can be for our campers to bring and trade a variety of items. This has been a consistent source of disappointment, and argument. We have a full day scheduled. It is not necessary for your child to bring any toys, games or trading cards. Mobile game systems and music players are useful for our bus trips, but are the sole responsibility of the camper. Our past experience suggests that items such as these have a high probability of being lost, broken, misplaced or just go missing. Any item used to the distraction of the class may be confiscated until the end of the day.

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Bus and Van Safety expectations

Students, Teacher, and Aids will wear safety belts when van is in motion, with one exception the bus.

Driver of the bus will wear their safety belt when the bus is in motion.

No more than 15 passengers, in a 15 passenger van.

No student will travel in the front seat.

Students will follow directions of all adults.

Students will wait in an orderly line and avoid playing.

Students will look in both directions for traffic left, right, left, right, again when crossing the street at cross walk to enter the bus.

Students will keep the aisles and exits clear.

Students will remain properly seated, back against the back of the seat, bottom to the bottom of the seat, and hands to themselves.

Students will not eat, drink, or chew gum.

Students will go directly to an available seat when entering the bus or vans.

Students will not carry animals, glass objects, nuisance items, hazardous materials, or weapons onto the bus or van. students may carry only objects that can be held in their laps.

Students will refrain from using loud voices, profanity and/or obscene gestures, and respect the right and safety of others.

Students will not extend hands, arms, or objects out the bus/van windows.

Students will be totally silent a railroad crossings.

Students will stay seated until it is time to get off the bus/van. They will be directed by an adult.

Students will keep their bus/van clean and in good safe condition.

Students shall be prohibited from using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devices in a manner that might interfere with the operation of the bus/van.

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Please download and read the parent handbook for additional information.

Smoke Rise Baptist church offers a Christian summer day camp program for kids in Stone Mountain, Lilburn, Tucker, and Snellville. Summer camp serves kids, teens and youth of all ages in a fun environment. Our day camps include field trips, academics, and an experience to please any kid. Teens have a steady diet of team building, community service, academics and summer fun.