Survey of the New Testament: The Gospels

is Fall we are beginning a study through the Bible led by Chris George and Bart McNiel to help us look deeper into the books of the Bible, including historical settings, themes, and contexts that provide background for our understanding of scripture. Our Fall study will start with the New Testament Gospels. If you would like to do additional reading for this study, we recommend Mark Allen Powell’s book: Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary, and eological Survey.

August 15 Introduction and Background

August 22  Gospel of Matthew

August 29  Gospel of Mark

September 5  Gospel of Luke

September 12  Gospel of John

Introduction to the Gospels - Chris George

Introduction and Background

Gospel of Mark - Bart McNiel

The Gospel of Matthew

Gospel of Matthew - Chris George

The Gospel of Mark


Gospel of Luke - Bart McNiel

The Gospel of Luke


Gospel of John - Chris George

The Gospel of John

Incarnation Stories (Christmas) - Chris George
Rediscoving the Bible: Introduction to Paul

Rediscovering the Bible: Introduction to Paul – Dr. Chris George – January 9,2019

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