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Smoke Rise Baptist Church
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Mission of the SRBC Youth Ministry

Mission of the SRBC Youth Ministry

The desire of Smoke Rise Youth Ministry is to be the hands and feet of Christ in our schools, communities, and beyond.

The mission of SRBC Youth Ministry is to guide students in six areas:

  1. Christ-Centered Community

    SRBC Youth Ministry is open and accepting of all types of teenagers, with all types of interests and abilities. Everyone is welcome here! It is crucial students feel welcomed and accepted just as they are into a community of peers who are supportive, understanding, and compassionate. Students will use the teachings of Jesus to guide their interactions with those inside and outside the youth group. SRBC youth ministry stresses the need and importance of living within community. This includes not only teaching them about healthy interaction among the youth group, but within the entire church body.

  2. Spiritual/Faith Development

    Students will be allowed the safe space to explore their faith without judgment or manipulation. They will be introduced to a number of Christian spiritual practices with the goal of helping each student find the best way to connect, experience, and communicate with God.

  3. Theological Education

    Students will be introduced to a basic knowledge of Scripture, even learning some simple Greek and Hebrew words important in translating and understanding particular verses of scripture. Students will also be introduced to Baptist history/heritage, theology, and world religions.

  4. Service for Others/Mission

    Students will be challenged to selflessly serve others in a variety of ways.

  5. Learning Life-Skills

    Students will learn basic life skills necessary to live healthy adult lives. This includes a wide variety of subjects including: sex education, relationships and dating, exercise, diet, communication skills, dealing with divorce, bullying, social media behavior, etc.

  6. Mentoring

    Students will have the examples of healthy, morally strong, spiritually sturdy adults to model their lives after.