Sunday Worship Services

9am (Worship in the Chapel)
11am (Worship in the Sanctuary)

Bible Study


Wednesday Nights

Fellowship Meal: 5-5:45pm
Journeys Program for Adults: 6-6:45pm
Music & Missions for Children: 6-6:45pm
The Gathering for Youth: 6-6:45pm
Nursery Care Provided



Smoke Rise Baptist Church
5901 Hugh Howell Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
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About Us

About Us

“Smoke Rise is the kind of church where we care about each other, and where we grow together through outstanding worship experiences, a strong program of Christian education, and reaching out to share God’s love with our community and with the world.” - Long Time Church Member

Describing our diverse community at Smoke Rise Baptist Church is not a simple task. We are a community of faith where there is generosity of time and resources, where quality worship and music is valued, where Sunday school is considered an essential component of our church experience, and where there is a deep desire to share Christ’s love with the world.

We are a community of varied theological perspectives, a Baptist church which sometimes struggles with what it means to be Baptist, a fellowship which loves to gather and eat, and a group of people eager to move into the next phase of ministry, mission, and service. Although “traditional” in many ways, we are not staid and boring. One need only look at the incredibly wide-ranging missions outreach to see our adventuresome spirit. We are a church that is not afraid to get its hands dirty, whether it is in repairing homes in rural Kentucky, rebuilding hurricane damaged homes on the Mississippi coast, or sharing God’s word in Honduras. Smoke Rise Baptist is a church that works.

Smoke Rise Baptist is a church that values doing things well. Worship is carefully planned to enrich and challenge us to live out Christ’s message in the world. Our music program is consistently viewed as a source of inspiration and pride. The preaching at Smoke Rise Baptist has a long tradition of excellence. Our physical plant is impressive and debt-free.

We are a faith community which is developing an increasingly realistic and hopeful view of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We stand ready to embrace a future that builds on the strong legacy of reaching out with Christ’s love to the community and the world.