Help us celebrate Jill Wade on April 28 in the fellowship hall following the worship service.

Jill Wade started working for Smoke Rise in June 1994 as the assistant to the minister of singles and recreation. That role eventually evolved into the assistant for missions and recreation. Along the way, Jill also served as the front desk administrator and, most recently as a financial secretary.  

During her time at Smoke Rise, Jill remembers most fondly her role with missions. Jill described what she experienced in those years as “one of the biggest transformations at Smoke Rise.” Along the way, she undergirded and supported many notable endeavors and accomplishments. 

Jill remembers all the hard work that went into starting a day camp and after-school program, adopting a basketball program from another nearby church, and running recreational programs for men, women and children. She helped host a refreshment station for the 1996 Olympic workers in Stone Mountain. And she recalls the excitement of working to organize the first Fall Festival, a tradition at Smoke Rise—a tradition that continues today as Octoberfest. 

Church staff members remember all the many staff Christmas parties and special events where Jill gave freely of her time and talent to decorate and set a table of fellowship, joy and gratitude. When the long overdue office renovation was begun, Jill helped oversee many key aspects of the creation and implementation, drawing on her natural gifts for design. She participated in many cleanup projects, including establishing in more recent years a well-organized records archive room. 

To each task set before her, Jill has brought a care and grace that is singularly hers. Her creativity and kind resolve are brightest when she is preparing programs and clearing spaces to receive others well. Her hospitable soul shines in all she touches. May the Lord bless Jill in her retirement and continue to use her talents to bless others and the ones she loves for years to come.  

-Bart McNiel, Associate Pastor

Thank you for 30 years of service.

I worked with Jill for 24 years, and I can say it was one of my favorite things about working at Smoke Rise. She showed versatility, excellent people skills, an amazing work ethic with creativity following everything she did. This unique combination of skills made each event in which she was involved excellent. Whether it was a basketball league of a thousand, a Valentine’s banquet, a car show, a mission Sunday service and banquet, or planning the staff Christmas party, if Jill did it, it was better than you could have hoped. Jill, thank you for 30 years of ministry. It was a privilege to serve together. Thank you for your great work and your friendship.

-Tim Adcox

Jill Wade is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. I had never met anyone who could speak such fluent Tim Adcox. In fact, the only two people who understood his Mission Budget system were Tim and her! She was a truly amazing individual, a great encourager, a team player, and with a genuine love for the Lord. I am so grateful to have had the great privilege of serving with her. Blessings, Jill.

-Ernie Forester

Jill Wade is one of the finest staff members to ever serve in a church. Her work ethic, people skills, positive attitude, attention to detail and warm, welcoming personality endeared her to all of us who worked alongside her every day. How grateful I am our paths crossed, and that I had this privilege. Thanks, Jill, for 30 outstanding years behind that desk. Best wishes as you retire and spend more time with family and friends.

– Bob Browning

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