Mission Sunday

  Goal: $50,000

Our goal this year is $50,000 and will be given/pledged from October 18, 2020 through March 30, 2021.

The Annual World Mission Offering will support NETWorks, Centro Shalom, Friends of Refugees, Family Heritage Foundation, Edgewood Church, Greater Restoration Church, God’s Appalachian Partnership, Metro Baptist Church, African Children’s Mission and Lilburn Co-op.

Below you can watch or read the needs of each of our mission partners. We thank you for your prayers and generosity during this season.

Mission Sunday Worship Service

Lilburn Co-Op

Amount: $5,000
Project Description: Installing new downspouts on the building.

$5,000 will install new downspouts around the entire building. Many of these are in poor repair and need replacing. The building has a flat roof and leaves accumulate at the top of the downspouts. This needs to be addressed in order to prevent the downspouts from clogging.

NETWorks Cooperative Ministry

Amount: $5,000
Project Description: Helping families with financial assistance because of COVID.

During the pandemic, we have increased our spending on financial assistance (rent and utilities) by 600%. Your financial contribution will go a long way to helping keep families housed safely. $5,000 will help us in meeting financial assistance requests in 2021.

Friends of Refugees

Amount: $5,000

Project Description: $2,500 Jolly Avenue Garden
In order to maximize food production we need access to Fall and Winter seedlings as well as compost which would cost roughly $2,500. This will provide invaluable support to the Jolly Avenue Garden’s endeavor to alleviate compounded food insecurities and build healthy immune systems, empowering a vulnerable population to survive and even thrive in the wake of COVID-19.

Project Description: $2,500 Student Support Initiative
We recognize the need to provide a healthy snack and a nutritious lunch during the school day, which would cost $2.50 per child, per day. For 50 school days for 25 students, the cost would be about $2,500. This will allow our students to be able to focus on their schoolwork.

Family Heritage Foundation

Amount: $5,000
Project Description: $5,000 for two part time after school tutors.

This would allow the tutors to teach two additional classes.

Edgewood Church

Amount: $5,000
Project Description: Furniture for the Ministry House

We are so excited about what this Ministry House will mean for the Kingdom of God – for people we know now and people far into the future that we will never know. We would really like your help on setting up house and making it a warm and hospitable place for all who come there for Bible studies, mentoring, small groups, and one-on-one visits.
– Seating for porches, living room, and kitchen: $2,500
– Serving and event supplies: $250
– Dining Room table, benches, and chairs: $2,000
– Printer: $250

Lilburn Co-Op

Amount: $5,000
Project Description: Internet services and a security gate

It was determined at that time that there is no internet service at Elk Ridge. Internet service is critical in order for John and Shaughanessy to effectively do GAP work at home. There are plans to locate a dental clinic on the property in the education building and this requires the use of internet. An additional project is the installation of a security gate at the entrance to the property.

Metro Baptist Church

Amount: $2,500
Project Description: Technology to better support life skills and youth programming.

$2,500 would be helpful in purchasing devices (chrome books, tablets and laptops) that will be used by clients, volunteers and staff. Some devices will be used at Metro while children and teens are getting remote learning support while social distancing. Some devices will be distributed to participants of Homecoming and Living Well who need devices to call in to virtual support groups.

Greater Restoration Baptist Church in New York City

Amount: $2,500
Project Description: Heaters at Greater Restoration

Greater Restoration is in need of a portable heater, which will be around $200. They would also provide “care bags” every Wednesday. They started this at the beginning of the Summer. They make up 30 snack/toiletry essential bags for the community and give them out every Wednesday, which costs them $120 a week.

Centro Shalom

Amount: $5,000
Project Description: A walk-in cooler for Mana’s food storage

The ministry in Tijuana has clearly identified a primary need that the WMO can help with this year. Centro Shalom operates a ministry called Mana. Mana is an international program that helps children in poverty. Multiple times each week, poor children meet at the church and are given meals, help with homework, life lessons, tutoring as well as bible lessons etc. it is a wonderful program and has been particularly important while schools in Tijuana have been closed. Mana provides money every month to help with expenses related to the program, but the local ministry must also provide for certain aspects of the program.
Pastor Chava would very much like to expand the program and everything is in place to do so except for additional food storage capacity. A walk-in cooler is necessary to store food.

African Children’s Mission

Amount: $5,500
Project Description: Building two new toilets and one new kitchen

In March, two of ACM’s partnering schools (Kiralamba and Kaleire) had toilets collapse. One of ACM’s children was in the restroom at the time of the collapse and nearly died. Completing these two projects will provide a safe and sanitary restroom for the 880 students who attend these two schools. The cost to construct two new toilets will be around $4,500.

The school kitchen at Kamunina primary and Lwanjuki primary need several repairs. Each school will make a contribution toward the work. However, the communities ACM serves, do not have the financial resources to take on “large” projects like building new toilets or large kitchen repairs. They handle minor repairs as they are able.

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