We are grateful for the generosity of our church members during the many uncertain seasons of 2020. Consistent giving has enabled our church to continue many meaningful ministries as well as respond to new needs in the community. We are pleased to report that our contributions exceed expenses in this current budget year. However, our giving this year lags behind last year by about 10% (or $100,000). We are confident that, with a strong finish to the year, we can make up this deficit and begin our new year with wind in our sails.

Please prayerfully consider what God is leading you to give to support our end-of-year stewardship emphasis, The Gifts of Christmas. All tithes, offerings and gifts collected during this time period will go towards our goal. Meeting our end-of-year goal not only sustains our church, it empowers us to go the extra mile in support of ministry needs and mission partners. Join with us as we bring the first gifts of Christmas to the altar once again.

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