A Celebration of our Women’s Circle Groups.

By Rebecca Caswell-Speight, Minister to Families and Faith Formation

Smoke Rise Baptist is host to seven wonderful special fellowship groups. But there are two groups that started it all:  Sadie’s Ladies and the Fite Circle.

In the 1980s, the church staff took a poll of the women, seeking out what times these women would be available to gather for fellowship. Solely based on the convenience of time, the “Circle” groups were formed. After 35-plus years Sadie’s Ladies and the Fite Circle are still gathering each month to support one another, missions and their church.

The Sadie’s Ladies Circle Group was named after Sadie Davis, the wife of McConnell Davis, former Smoke Rise Associate Pastor. When Sadie entered the nursing home, the group cared for her and loved her, and Sadie cared for them. She taught them about her time on the mission field and how as her life changed so did her mission field. In her last days, she made the nursing home her place of service. This spoke to the Circle group in a profound way and from those conversations, they named their group Sadie’s Ladies. To this day, the group gathers to hear about how people are making the world around them their mission field just as Sadie Davis taught them through her own life.

The Fite Circle group is named after Reverend Clifton and Ruby Fite. Clifton was a former minister at Smoke Rise Baptist and after Clifton and Ruby came to speak to the circle about their missions experiences in the early 90s, the circle group decided to name their circle after them. The Fite Circle meets monthly in the parlor and they too do their best to live out the ideals of their namesakes. They are a group that supports and learns from one another. Each time they gather they give to a local Cooperative Ministries or Families in Need and they bring in people to help them learn about missions around the world and ministries within the church.

The reason we have such a strong set of fellowship and ministry groups at Smoke Rise is because of the great example these two original Circle groups set for us. Today, along with Sadie’s Ladies and the Fite Circle, we host the Young Adult Fellowship, Connections, Men’s Prayer Lunch, Nancy’s Heart Stitchers, and the Breakfast Club. Because of the original two groups, there is now a place for anyone who enters the doors of Smoke Rise to belong.

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