Smoke Rise has an inspired vision of sharing the Gospel around the world through our direct partnerships, through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and through chosen mission teams to specific people groups. Read the stories of commitment, faith, calling and service to the “least of these.”

Carson and Laura Foushee

Kanazawa, Japan

The Foushees’ ministry focuses primarily on two things: Serving alongside Kanazawa Baptist Church in supporting the physical and spiritual needs of our international neighbors in the area and equipping the Japanese church to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

Carson writes, “We have actually taken on more roles in our local church than we had expected due to sudden resignation of our pastor over a year ago. This has been a growing and humbling experience, but it has brought us even closer to the church body as we move forward in faith together.”

Carson served as an intern at Smoke Rise while a student at McAfee before he and Laura were commissioned to serve in Japan. We have been supporting Carson and Laura since 2017.

Our support: $2000 annually.

Stella Perrin

Larnaca, Cyprus

Stella was commissioned by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) in June 2023 as one of the new field personnel, arriving in October to her assignment in Cyprus. Stella is from NC and had served on church staff as an associate pastor as well as being a school counselor. Stella’s gifts are being used in Cyprus as she works with and ministers to refugees who are arriving there. She is just beginning her work with unaccompanied minors by teaching ESL and offering pastoral care and counseling. Stella is partnering with a mission organization called All for Aid, whose focus is refugee work and resettlement.

Our support: $2000 annually.

Joshua and Amy Pun


We met Joshua and Amy through our own Dr. Jimmy Cobb, retired missionary to Canada. Josh is from Nepal and is active in a local Atlanta church. He, Amy and their three small children (under age five) are called to serve in Nepal to minister to an unreached people group. Their original commitment was for a nine-month tenure, but they may extend their stay.

One of the goals of their service to the villages is to meet health needs and quality of life issues through providing an economical and safe indoor stove. Most homes have open fires with no ventilation. Josh and Amy had a vision of building inexpensive stoves to sell and install.

Sharing the gospel, improving living conditions, and encouraging economic growth has been achieved by a small metal factory Josh and his Nepalese associates have built. The business produces stoves which are sold to local pastors for $7.00 each who in turn sell and install them in homes. This provides a safe home environment and a small income for pastors.

Our support: $5000 (one-time gift).

Rick and Lita Sample


The Samples, who live in the Freemont, CA, area, have been CBF field personnel since 2002. Their ministry looks different from typical mission work as they focus on being the presence of Christ through relationship building, church starting, evangelism and outreach. More than 100 different languages are spoken in the San Francisco area where diversity is displayed throughout. The Samples minister holistically to the international community, including immigrants and refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, India, Turkey and other Asian countries. Their outreach is to international students, families resettling in the USA, and others. They offer refugee assistance, tutoring, ESL, citizenship classes, prayer events and hospitality through dinners and holiday events like Easter Egg Hunts to teach cultural practices.

The Samples engage churches in their ministry through prayer, on-site visits, leading outings, ESL, hospitality gatherings, culture outings, etc.

Our support: $2000 annually.

Ahmed & Amira

Real names withheld for security

Kurdistan, Iraq

We became acquainted with this couple through Friends of Refugees, one of our partners in Clarkston. Born in the Midwest, Ahmed received a call to serve in the local church, and later felt called to international missions. He and Amira met in Greece while on mission assignment; both are passionate about their opportunities to serve in Iraq.

After language and cultural training with the Kurdish people, the missionary couple will concentrate on church planting among a people who are mostly Islamic, with only a small percentage of Christians. They have a heart for unreached people groups. Work in Iraq will be tedious and challenging, and our financial and prayer support is essential as they join what God is doing in Iraq.

Our support: $3000 per year for three years.

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