In Luke’s Gospel, we see that Jesus was born among the powerless. He was raised by a rural carpenter who, before Jesus was born, was forced to journey many days to pay taxes that were demanded of them by an oppressive ruler.  

Jesus’ parents, arriving in Bethlehem, were too poor to find space in the crowded town and given the only space left on which to lay their weary heads. Christ’s first bed was on any other day used to hold food for animals. When it was time for the new baby to be dedicated to God, his parents were able to afford only two small pigeons. 

In Luke’s telling of Christ’s story of origin, there is no angel visitor who came to Joseph in a dream. In fact, Joseph is barely mentioned at all. There is no visit by Wise Men with generous gifts. And there is no evil king or heroic trek to Egypt. Luke’s Gospel is simple while simultaneously majestic.

This Gospel portrays Christ in all his glory while simultaneously showing us that God’s heart truly lies with the least of these. This Advent, may we find ways to focus on the majestic simplicity that is the Christ King. And may we find ways to make our lives mimic that of the Christ-child.

– Rebecca Caswell-Speight, Minister of Families, Faith Formation and Connection

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