End-of-Year Stewardship Campaign

November 13 – December 31

Goal: $450,000

Our annual end-of-year giving emphasis, the Gifts of Christmas Offering, is fast upon us. Our goal with this effort is to receive $450,000 toward our budgeted ministry plan between November 13 and December 31. 

Over the past three years, our congregation has given enough in offerings to meet our ministry budget – even in difficult times; but those gifts that were given toward our end-of-year goal were essential to that success. 

This year, we are asking you again to give generously to the Gifts of Christmas Offering. These gifts will empower Smoke Rise Baptist Church to sustain the vital missions and ministries of our church. 

As we near the end of the year, our budgeted ministry plan is facing a deficit of a little over $106,000 as of September 30. Although this lag is not inconsistent with giving at this point in recent budget years, we need the extra offerings given during this season to cover our expenses by year-end. Our people have exhibited consistent faithfulness and generosity for which we are grateful. Meeting or exceeding our Gifts of Christmas goal will place us in optimal position to overcome any deficit and to start the new year on sturdy ground. 

We ask you to prayerfully consider how God is leading you to give during this emphasis. All gifts, both tithes and offerings, received from November 13 to December 31 will go toward this goal, assuring the continued health and vitality of our church. Look for weekly updates which will be shared in the Ties that Bind bulletins. 

All gifts are tax-deductible, but must be received by December 31 to apply to the 2022 tax year. Any stock transfers must be initiated at least seven days before December 31 to be sure the church is notified and that the transaction takes place in a timely manner. 

On behalf of your stewardship committee, let me express our thanks for your faithfulness to God’s kingdom through Smoke Rise Baptist Church. 

Joe Moore, Chair

This year, on Friday, December 30, we will host our End-of-Year Hospitality Station as a drive-up event. We invite everyone who has given to support our budgeted ministry plan to drive up between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm at our sanctuary portico for hot chocolate or coffee and to pick up a sweet goodie bag. You can also drop off any last­ minute gifts in support of our goal on this day. Our volunteers will be sure your gift is immediately delivered to our finance office for timely processing in this calendar year. 

If you are delivering a gift to post in the 2022 tax year, the church finance office must receive your gift no later than January 4th, in order for your gift to be credited in this tax year. You may drive up and place end-of-year gifts in the secure portico mailbox at any time before that date.

If you are planning to transfer stock to the church as a tithe or offering, we encourage you or your broker to finalize the transfer on or before December 30 and to email our finance manager, Fe Williams, at financeoffice@smokerisebaptist.org on or before the date of your transfer, so that the church finance office can confirm with you and your broker the details of the transfer and post the appropriate amount to your giving statement in this tax year.

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