Youth Winter Retreat

The Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend was an opportunity for an amazing weekend conference with many of our Smoke Rise students. We gathered with students from 24 other CBF churches, rounding out to about 440 youth in all. Our students were able to worship with other teenagers from across the southeast as we listened to our very own Ruth Perkins Lee deliver four brilliant sermons. 

I’ve told several people that it was the best youth conference I have ever attended, and it was definitely the most fun! Our students bonded well with one another, and I was reminded of the care, consideration, and compassion our young people have for each other. They hold space for each other and will sit with one another in times of both darkness and light. 

We so often hear gloomy predictions for the future of the church. But I came away with renewed hope for the church moving forward. We have a bright future. 

-Hannah Vassar, Minister of Youth and Congregation Connection

Kids Winter Retreat

Smoke Rise children attended the second Annual Georgia CBF Midwinter Retreat in January. The children bonded with one another as well as with other students throughout Georgia. From playing “gaga ball” and learning about our CBF mission partners, Carson and Laura Foushee, to a glow-in-the-dark movie night and worship, our kids had the opportunity to grow in their faith and perspective. 

The theme of the weekend focused on being the salt and light in God’s world. They learned how these ideas are spoken of in the Bible and the ways these students can add flavor to the world. 

The weekend was a blessed one that will live with the students and the adults who joined them for many years to come.

– Grace Staggs, Children’s Ministry Intern

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