A New Decade Calls for a New Directory

Schedule your photography session at the link below or on Sunday mornings



Dates Available:

Tuesday, March 10: 2-9pm
Wednesday, March 11: 2-5pm
Thursday, March 12: 2-9pm
Friday, March 13: 2-9pm
Saturday, March 14: 2-9pm
Sunday, March 15: 10-5pm

Monday, March 23: 2-9pm
Tuesday, March 24: 2-9pm
Wednesday, March 25: 2-5pm
Thursday, March 26: 2-9pm
Friday, March 27: 2-9pm
Saturday, March 28: 10-5pm

If you have questions about the directory or need to make or alter an appointment,
please contact Lois Jernigan 678-525-1113 or Martha Abner 404-754-4843.
The church office cannot make or change appointments.

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