February 5th

Following Worship in the Fellowship Hall

All donations go to the Family Mission Trip.

We need chili makers, corn bread makers,
and people to come and eat great chili!

For questions contact Amanda Coe Burton at aaalburton@gmail.com.

How to Enter

• Entry forms are available at the SRBC Office, or by emailing Amanda Coe Burton at aaalburton@gmail.com.
• A $10 registration fee is due at the time of registration – please submit cash or check made out to SRBC.

Preparing to Compete
  • The chili is to be made ahead and ready to serve by competitors.
  • Bring chili in large electric Crock-Pots or stockpots. Please prepare large portions (some bring double portions)!
  • Please bring a ladle to serve your chili.
  • Although basic chili toppings will be provided to all attendees (cheese, crackers, sour cream), feel free to provide anything you feel would enhance your chili (hot sauce, Fritos, goldfish, etc.)
  • Chili should be brought to the Fellowship Hall between 9:15 and 11:45 a.m.
  • Competitors should be in place to serve their chili immediately following the 11 a.m. worship service.
  • Electrical outlets will be available for each competitor – please bring an extension cord and/or power strip to help us manage power sources in the Fellowship Hall.
  • If you need assistance transporting your chili into the Fellowship Hall, please let us know – we are happy to help!
  • TABLE DÉCOR – feel free to decorate your space with a homemade sign, cloth, props, etc. A prize will be awarded for Best Table Decorations.
  • Each competitor will be provided with small bowls to serve their chili to attendees and judges.
  • Please plan to remain at your designated station throughout the event, or have a representative to share this responsibility.
  • Please have a list (or knowledge) of the ingredients included in the chili, as attendees may have food sensitivities.
    • If your recipe included peanut butter, you must make this clear.
  • A panel of three judges will sample a bowl of chili from each competitor, without knowledge of who prepared the dish.
  • A volunteer will collect sample bowls for judging from each competitor near the beginning of the competition. You may choose to add any toppings you wish to these samples.
  • In addition, attendees will be invited to choose the “People’s Choice Award” by placing purchased tickets in the basket at your table. The chili that raises the most money wins the prize.
  • Winners will be announced near the conclusion of the event.
  • Please email Amanda Coe Burton at aaalburton@gmail.com, or call at 678-787-0039 with any questions. The Family Mission Weekend team and I would love to help you with preparations or day-of needs in any way we can!

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