When We Return to In-Person Worship

With input from our Risk Management Committee, Fellowship of Deacons, and ministers, our Administrative Council has approved the resumption of in-person worship when the criteria in the Risk Management Committee Report has been met.

A Word From Our Pastor

Frequently Asked Questions

I attend Sunday School on Zoom. Will I still be able to attend Sunday School and worship?

Yes. Sunday school classes will be asked to shift their meeting times to accommodate the new worship schedule. (For example, those assigned to worship at 9:00 am may have their Sunday school meeting at 11:00 am.) As mentioned in the letter, both worship services will be livestreamed, so you may worship in person or at home.

How will the offering take place in this new format?

In an effort to reduce exposure, offering plates will not be passed in the sanctuary. Instead, offering plates will be placed on pedestals at the entrance/exits of the sanctuary where people can place their tithes and offerings as they enter or leave the worship service. Of course, people will continue to have the option to give online at smokerisebaptist.org.

Will those attending worship be required to wear masks?

Based on the advice of public health officials, we are requiring everyone over two-years-old who attends service to wear a mask to protect others. Our ministers will be wearing masks when they are not speaking or singing to lead in worship. We encourage members to bring their own masks to worship or a mask will be provided.

Will temperatures be taken for those in attendance?

Yes. At each entrance, one of our volunteers will use a forehead thermometer to check the temperatures of those who are attending. Those with a temperature of 99.9 or greater will be asked to return to their homes.

Why can’t we meet at church for Sunday School?

We are all eager to be back together with our SS classes. However, at the present time, we do not have enough large spaces to accommodate all of our adult SS classes and to provide for sufficient social distancing. We are also unable to social distance our children and preschoolers. We will continue to monitor the situation and look forward to hosting SS classes again in the coming months.

Why can’t we engage in congregational singing?

Congregational singing is a significant part of the worship experience for many of us. Unfortunately, public health experts warn that congregational singing is the single element of worship that has the potential to most widely spread respiratory droplets which may harbor the corona virus. While breathing or speaking may spread these droplets 3-6 feet, singing which requires more force may propel the droplets 12-16 feet

Will childcare be provided?

Until social distancing restrictions are lifted, childcare will not be provided. 

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