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Masks for Hospitals

As you have probably heard there is a shortage in masks at the hospitals. The Nancy’s Heart Stitchers group here at church is making masks. If you are interested in making masks, follow this link below or contact Jeremy for more information:

Can you deliver groceries? Can you run to the pharmacy?

If so, we are matching people that need errands run with people that are willing to run these errands. Please contact Jeremy if you are willing to run errands.

Lilburn Co-op Pantry Needs for May are:

jelly, canned fruit, canned chicken, cereal, pasta meals, single serve microwave meals, peanut butter, tuna, granola bars, powdered milk, rice, fruit cups, hearty soups (not condensed), toilet paper, and sanitizing wipes.
You may also set up for these items to be delivered to Lilburn Co-op.

NETWorks Pantry Needs for May can be found at this link:

NETWork Pantry Needs
You may also set up for these items to be delivered to NETWorks.

Nancy’s Heart Stitchers Group has been making mask for our hospital and frontline workers. They have challenged you to make masks as well. Jeremy, our Minister of Youth, Communications, and Mission took the challenge and made a mask. Check out his video to see how he made a mask.

Video Messages From Our Mission Partners

African Children’s Mission


Centro Shalom

Upcoming Opportunities

Mission Trips Cancelled

The following Smoke Rise Mission Trips in 2020 have been cancelled:
New York (July 11 – 18)
Tijuana (July 18 – 25)
Canada (August 29 – September 5)

If you have questions or would like to have more information, please contact Lynne Felton for New York, Roy Vreeland for Tijuana, and Bill Blanton for Canada.

Please continue to pray for these partnerships even though the mission trips have been cancelled for this year.

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