Smoke Rise Prep

In 2011, Smoke Rise Prep (SRP) was established by a group of teachers and parents who reimagined what preparatory education could be. Offering a vibrant learning environment, a rigorous curriculum, smaller class sizes, and an emphasis on character, SRP strives to instill a love of learning in every child.

SRP offers education for students in grades K-8, combining the best aspects of private, public, charter, and flexible learning. Students consistently test higher than local, county, and state averages and all 8th grade students have the option to take at least one 9th grade level class. Students are provided with 1:1 technology in the form of Chromebooks and many classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards.

School culture is key. SRP maintains high expectations for mutual respect and values individual differences. With social pressures put aside, students have the confidence to ask questions, make suggestions, and become engaged in their classes. Coupling a rigorous curriculum with a positive culture, the unique learning environment at Smoke Rise Prep provides students with an educational advantage that fully prepares them for high school and beyond.

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