We welcome the heart-felt generosity of your tithe or offering in the furtherance of God’s ministry and work among us at Smoke Rise. You may give online now by checking or savings account. You may also mail in your checks. If you need to purchase postage stamps, you may do so at

You may give by debit or credit on your mobile device by downloading the PushPay app.

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Download instructions for PushPay here

Pledge Sunday

This year, the stewardship committee is asking our members to Look Forward to A New Chapter as we consider what we will pledge in support of the Fiscal 2020-21 Ministry Plan and Budget. We invite you to help our church write a new chapter, abounding with stories of abundant worship, fellowship, mission and ministry. We are continuing to accept pledge card through the mail. If you need to print a card you can print one here, and send it in.

Giving to Endowment

The Smoke Rise Endowment consists of specia gifts and bequests given above and beyond a regular tithe or offering. The Endowment is a “forever fund” because gifts to the Endowment grow into the indefinite future. The Endowment employs a conservative investment strategy to preserve principle and produce revenues. The Endowment is protected by established rules and guidelines with oversight of Endowment Trustees elected by the church. If you have any questions about how to give to the Endowment, please contact the church office to make an appointment with the Pastor, Associate Pastor, or an Endowment Trustee.

The Legacy Society

Smoke Rise Legacy Society is composed of donors who have designated the Smoke Rise Baptist Church Endowment as a named beneficiary of a will, trust, life insurance policy, stock holding, or other investment account. The Legacy Society hosts an annual luncheon on All Saints Sunday to express appreciation to our donors and to learn about ministry enabled by endowment gifts. Membership in the Legacy Society is not based on the amount of your gift or bequest, but on the notice of your commitment. If you would like to join the Legacy Society, please contact the church offfice to make an appointment with the Pastor, Associate Pastor, or an Endowment Trustee.

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