We welcome the heart-felt generosity of your tithe or offering in the furtherance of God’s ministry and work among us at Smoke Rise. You may give online now by checking or savings account. You may also mail in your checks. If you need to purchase postage stamps, you may do so at

You may give by debit or credit on your mobile device by downloading the PushPay app. Download instructions for PushPay here

for Apple devices

for Android devices

You may also mail a check to donate tithes and offerings. checks by U.S. mail. Our finance team receives U.S. mail each day and processes mailed gifts each week. Please make checks payable to Smoke Rise Baptist Church. 

During the COVID-19 national emergency, all regular operations of our finance office are continue. We are set up to receive mail securely each day. If you need to purchase postage stamps, you may do so at If you should ever have any questions about tithes and offerings mailed to the church, please contact our Finance Manager, Fe Williams, at


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