Wednesday Evenings at Smoke Rise


Rediscovering the Bible

This study will be led by our Pastor, Chris George, who will continue this book by book journey through the scriptures,encouraging and equipping our congregation to read the Bible with a new appreciation for the context and the content.


Finding the Deeper Rhythm in the Psalms

In this study, Rev. Bart McNiel and Rev. Elizabeth Arnold will help participants to reflect on the rhythms present in the Bible’s biggest poetry, discovering the full spectrum of human emotion and experience.

Just Mercy: A Discussion of the 2020 Film

This study, led by Rev. Harrison Litzel, will use the movie “JustMercy” as a catalyst for conversations about culture and community, justice and peace, race and reconciliation. Participants will be asked to engage in dialogue in an attempt to foster a deeper understand and appreciation of the issue of race in the past and present.


Eaters Digest

Read our Wednesday newsletter to stay up to date on everything happening here at Smoke Rise Baptist Church. 

Prayer Concerns

In Eater’s Digest you will find a list of our church’s Prayer Concerns. Please pray over those that are on our list.

In addition, you can watch our Prayer Conerns Video posted every Thursday to our Pastoral Prayer page. During this time our congregation has an oppurtunity to come together as one body lift up those that are hurting in our congregation and community,

If you would like to be added to our Prayer Concerns list please call 678.533.0571.

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