Sunday School

Sunday School at Smoke Rise is a vital part of our church.  Members in these classes make life long connections and friendships that provide love and support through all life stages and events.  This time together on Sunday mornings provides for quality bible study and the exploration of faith as well as fellowship that builds community.  We believe that life and faith are part of a journey best done in a community of love and grace.  We welcome you to be part of one of these Sunday School groups!

Find A Class

All classes begin at 9:45am on Sunday Mornings. For help finding where a class meets, come by the Welcome Desk on the second floor of the Sanctuary building or the lower gym level between 9:30-10:00am on Sunday mornings.

Cambium Class

Location: Counseling Center – Room 300

Age: 45+

We are a women’s class who meet together to study God’s word and to encourage each other as we grow as Christians in our life pilgrimages. Once a quarter we gather socially for dinner or meet after church for lunch. We welcome any women who want to join other women in a class striving for Christian growth through Bible study and desiring support from Christian sisters.

Ideas and Actions Class

Location: Room 304

Age: 20s to30s

As the name suggests, our discussions are based on current topics influenced by our Christian experiences that challenge us to put our theological ideas into positive action. We are young professionals and graduate students. Join us as we explore life and faith together. We meet every second Sunday for lunch in the Fellowship Hall followed by a time of discussion. We also get together beyond the church walls for fellowship and mission projects. For more information contact Deborah Reeves at or 704.472.4729.


Location: Room 223

Age: 70+

The Seekers is a large class consisting of 12 rotating teachers with a variety of styles with comments and discussion welcome. We begin each Sunday with fellowship and refreshments. The class is made up of couples and singles and socials are planned on a monthly basis. Member concerns and support are an integral part of the class. Seekers love to reach out to local and world missions.

The Journey

Location: Room 131

Age: 50+

This is a couple’s class, the majority of which are empty nesters and baby boomers. Teachers rotate weekly, offering variety in teaching and approach to lessons. All lessons are scripture based, with life application. The class’s goal is to support one another through life’s changes and challenges. We participate in missions by supporting the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home, Youth Mission trips and other various special projects.

Good News

Location: Room 123

Age: Older Teens and Adults

This class is for older teens and adults with special needs. Each week we experience the good news of God’s love through accessible Bible stories and related activities. If you would like more information, please contact Karen Ripley or Rev. Bart McNiel.


Location: Room 120

Age: All Ages

This class focuses on an in-depth study of the Bible. The format is informal and informational with lots of discussion. Our discussions usually center around two main questions: what did the text mean when it was written and what does it mean today? The class aims to not only study the Bible, but to apply it to their lives.

Faith & Issues

Location: Room 125

Age: All ages welcome

This diverse group discusses various topics and current events from a Christian perspective. Open to anyone who likes to think about and explore the relevant issues of our day. Persons are welcome to be a permanent member of the class or just drop in for a particular topic.

Our Statement of Purpose: We seek to be a community which is intentional about learning how to follow Jesus in a changing and challenging world. We believe in the worth of every person, openness to diverse views, and – as an essential part of a growing faith – a willingness to ask questions.

Class Theme: Following Jesus in a Changing and Challenging World.

Fellowship Class

Location: Room 224

Age: 70+

The Fellowship Class is the oldest Bible study class at Smoke Rise. This senior adult men’s class is a caring and friendly class that enjoys a lively discussion approach to Bible study. Every class member is encouraged to offer insight into the lesson or ask questions of others. Concern for one another and other members of the church is a major strength of the Fellowship class. We warmly invite you to come and join us any time!


Location: Room S225/226

Age: 65+

This class welcomes all persons, singles and couples, interested in fellowship and Bible study. They have five rotating teachers which provide the class a variety of approaches to Bible study.

This class participates in missions by providing funding for mission activities in the church such as Vacation Bible School, mission teams, day camp, etc.

Open Circle

Location: Room 307

Age: 30s and 40s

Our class is a community of young families who are exploring life and faith together.


Location: Room 310

Age: 40’s & 50’s

We are a group of adults – single and married – some with children that range in age from middle school through adulthood. Our time together on Sunday mornings focuses on applying scriptural truths to our everyday lives, prayer for each other and beyond, and sweet Christian fellowship. Periodically we participate with Edgewood Church and other SRBC ministries. We occasionally visit Park Springs retirement community. We also enjoy social events with each other throughout the year.

Pairs & Spares

Location: Room 126

Age: 50+

This class is considered co-ed rather than a couple’s class. The class style is very free discussion and uses alternative literature for topics. We participate in a variety of mission projects and sponsor children with needs and other various special projects. Visit our website at

Joy Class

Location: Room 309

Age: 50+

This women’s class focuses on studying the Bible and is a blend of lecture and discussion. It is a loving and caring class that supports one another through prayer partners.


Location: Room 230

Age: 70+

Our class studies the Bible lesson and Scripture and has prayer for the concerns of our class members and our church every Sunday. We are a very caring and compassionate class and pray for each other during the week. No one’s needs go unnoticed. Our members are active in all areas of our great church. Everyone is welcome!


Location: Room 132

Age: 55+

This is a very friendly class of couples who offer love and support to one another. It is a traditional class where the lecture style teaching is used and discussion is encouraged. As a class, we support mission projects and sponsor a family during Christmas.

The Faith Class

Location: Room 122

Age: Couples 50+

If you are looking for a couples class that constantly attempts to apply Biblical principles to life, then you are invited to be our guests. We are a loving, caring class that treasures our quarterly social times together. We look forward to seeing you.


Location: Room 116

Age: All Ages

Our class is a mixture of both couples and singles that enjoy an open discussion format, studying the Bible as a guide to understanding contemporary issues relating to life as a Christian. The group’s diversity in spiritual and religious philosophies helps class members to understand their own spiritual growth. Socials are scheduled to provide a chance to get to know each other better. We invite you to join us for lively discussions with diverse opinions!


For questions about classes, please contact Rebecca Caswell-Speight by clicking the button below.

Going Deeper

Spiritual Formation Opportunities for Adults

Smoke Rise Adult Ministry goes beyond Sunday School and Wednesday night to provide additional opportunities for adults to grow in their spiritual lives. These might include retreats, nature hikes, contemplative worship experiences or discussion groups. These opportunities will be advertised in our publications.

Journeys Wednesday Night Program

Smoke Rise Baptist Church wants to provide its members and community with a variety of learning opportunities to help them on their Journey. Every 4 to 6 weeks from August to May we offer new classes that are designed to appeal to different audiences. Refer to calendar for class descriptions.

Click here for articles describing the current sessions. Refer to the calendar for the most up to date information.

Women’s Ministry Circle Groups

All women of the church are invited to participate in one of these circle groups that meet monthly (September through May) to plan mission projects and for fellowship.

Fellowship Circle

Meets first Wednesdays of the month

Contact: Kathy Goodenow

Phone number: 770.979.9877


Fite Circle

Meets 2nd Tuesdays of the month

Contact Alecia Reed

Phone number: 770.978.1616


The Circle of Grace

Meets 3rd Tuesdays of the month

Contact: Teri Moore

Phone number: 678.837.5818


Sadies Ladies Circle

Meets second Monday of the month

Contact: Lois Jernigan

Home Phone Number: 770.934.3005

Cell Phone Number: 678.438.6658


Stitchers Circle

This group makes quilts for newborn babies in the church and for an orphanage in Ukraine. “Caring quilts” are also given to members who are homebound, in nursing homes, or severely ill.

Contact: Jan Sloan

Phone Number: 770.935.8043


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